Apprenticeships - Benefitting Your Business


There are three key benefits to your business:

Accounting and finance students in a meeting

1. Boosting Productivity and Competitiveness

有证据表明,雇佣学徒可以提高公司的生产力, 最近的研究表明短期和长期都有好处. 

经济与商业研究中心发现, on average, 每个学徒带来超过10英镑的生产力收益,每年给雇主支付1万美元.

Business student in a meeting while on placement

2. Building Skills and Higher Staff Retention

技能缺口目前正影响着英国的许多组织和公司, meaning it is hard to fill vacancies. However, 通过招募学徒, 或者使用学徒制标准来发展现有的劳动力, 你可以培训员工,让他们具备你的业务所需的确切技能, so investing in the future of your business.

In addition to building a company's skills base, 为学徒提供高质量的培训也可能在留住员工方面带来好处. 一个主要原因是,员工通常会对在他们的发展和培训上投资的雇主感到忠诚, and are therefore more engaged and motivated to stay.  


3. 有效的培训

Apprenticeships are particularly cost-effective as a form of training and development because people are making a contribution to the workplace while they are learning; apprentices spend much of their time gaining skills on the job.

对雇主来说,另一个优势是有资金来支付学徒培训和发展的成本. 金沙苹果版下载可以就如何安排学徒期的资金提供详细的建议. 

Our Solution

从管理学徒制引进到咨询公司的规章制度 apprenticeship levy, 金沙苹果版下载的就业服务将对您的业务产生积极的影响, 提高生产力的同时,让你以自己的方式发展你的劳动力人才.


在过去的一年里,随着学徒制历史上最令人兴奋的改革,从来没有一个更好的时间来引入学徒制到您的企业. With employers in control of designing apprenticeships, 金沙苹果版下载为首次参与学徒制的企业提供全面支持的方法, to ensure an effective and successful progression. We offer:

  • Training, 围绕您的业务构建学习和发展交付-包括采购和供应链机会
  • 灵活的脱产培训和发展模式,以满足个人的学习风格, 以及您的业务需求
  • Comprehensive management information reports
  • 学徒征费的实施及管理意见/指引


The apprenticeship levy and introduction of degree apprenticeships has opened new doors for workforce development opportunities; hence Apprenticeships are not just for new recruits but also an attractive training and development solution for your existing employees.

学徒制是解决你的组织领导技能需求的一个特别有效的方式, and available for people of all ages and levels. 金沙苹果版下载已经帮助了英国各地的许多雇主,并提供:

  • 组织的“技能和发展”需求分析
  • A tailored workforce development plan
  • 灵活的脱产培训和发展模式,以满足个人的学习风格, 以及您的业务需求
  • Comprehensive management information reports
  • 学徒征费的实施及管理意见/指引


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